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Extractor searches for and recovers various file formats stored in any file
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Extractor searches for various file formats stored in the code of any selected file such as a backup image of a hard disk or flash drive. It excels in speed if compared to commercial programs such as VirtualLab from BinaryBiz and File Extractor Pro from DataLifter.

The program supports the extraction of any of 59 different file formats, including AVI, BMP and PDF. The recovery of 69 different groupfile formats including BIN, GRP and ZIP is also supported. According to the developer, file plug-ins that will extend these capabilities are available.

Features include a user-friendly selection of different file formats to search for or extract and the ability to store these selections. Files can be viewed and extracted as soon as they are found. This only temporarily pauses the searching process, which will continue once the file has been extracted. It is also possible to merge files into a source file.

The explorer right-click option "Scan with Extractor" is added once the program has been run to enable quick access to the extraction process.

A comprehensive help file is included for English, Czech, French and Slovak but Extractor supports: English, Spanish, German, Russian, Czech, French Polish and Slovak .

Oswald Van Ginkel
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  • It is fast and very useful for data recovery
  • Help is included
  • Support from Nova Software is provided


  • Extractor does not include an image creation facility for data recovery purposes
  • There are some bugs that need to be fixed
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